A New Jersey native, Travis attended The Lincoln University in Pennsylvania as a pre-med major but finished majoring in history.  Travis first picked up a 35mm camera during his freshman year and was immediately hooked when that first image magically appeared in the developer tray.  His photography/art education came from numerous workshops and seminars and will culminate in a BA degree in art from Metropolitan State University in Denver this fall.

After spending 30 successful years in the corporate world, in 2002 his passion turned into his occupation, leaving his lucrative career to photograph full time.  After 16 years of being one of the most sought-after wedding photographers, he has returned to his photographic roots and true passion, fine art photography. 

Travis Broxton is known for his “everyday people” street photography.  From the streets of Manhattan, Paris, and Rome, a Kurdish village in Armenia, and Bedouin villages in Israel, Travis captures those unrehearsed, unscripted, and spontaneous juxtapositions of everyday people as they go about their everyday life.  He creates a new symmetry between people and the environment. 

His work has been displayed in numerous galleries.  Travis’ photography is included in the books The Art of Celebration, An Unfailing Legacy, several self-published books, and numerous magazines both here and abroad.

Travis Broxton’s mantra is to “go left when everyone else goes right - always look for the alternative”.  His work reflects that. 

 Enjoy the images on this site and also visit my more abstract work on broxtoncreative, and my wedding work on broxtonart.

“Once photography enters your bloodstream, it is like a disease.” – Anon