broxtonLearning mentor programs  

Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or an advanced amateur, you can always learn more.  And you easily can with a custom designed learning plan for your specific needs.  the broxtonLearning mentor program is for those who want coaching, inspiration and feedback from an experienced professional to help fulfill their passion.  I have been very fortunate to have learned from many amazing and talented photographers and would love to share this knowledge with you!

I will challenge you to think more about what are shooting and why.  This will help you get better and more consistent photos each time you go out.  It isn’t enough just to capture an image, you also must have the ability to bring out the best of it in your post processing.    

Imagine learning what is important to you.  What do you want to learn? 

  • available light shooting
  • composition
  • equipment
  • workflow
  • photoshop
  • ??????

We’ll begin with a complimentary consultation to see where you are in your knowledge, where you want to go, an equipment and software review, and a review of your current work.   I will then put together a custom-tailored shooting and workflow/post-processing learning plan.   

Custom tailored broxtonLearning plan modules include a two-hour shooting session (location determined on type of photography), and up to a three-hour workflow/post-processing session at your home.  Each module is $490.00.  A sample broxtonLearning module is available.  Please email the studio for more information

broxtonLearning plans include:

  • what YOU want to learn
  • making in camera adjustments to get the results you want
  • seeing composition and light and be able to capture it in your photos.
  • learning the “rules” and knowing when to follow them and when to break them
  • workflow/post-processing
  • critiques of your work. Critiques are essential to grow as a photographer and getting feedback helps you learn faster.  I will encourage and inspire you while giving it to you straight.  I hope to take you out of your comfort zone. 


broxtonLearning – shooting a wedding

You’ve been asked to shoot a wedding

  • You’ve photographed a few or more weddings and want to get better
  • You want an experienced wedding photographer to shoot a wedding with you and offer on-the-job feedback and advice
  • You want to shadow me on a wedding

There is a wealth of “photography learning” available on YouTube, CreativeLive, and other excellent resources, but nothing compares to one on one training.

broxtonLearning-wedding photography is designed to cover all the essentials that will help you grow as a wedding photographer.  If you’re struggling to find your ‘style’, wanting to optimize your workflow, get real intimacy from your couples, how to interact with your couples before, during, and after the wedding, formulate attractive package options for your clients, I’ll tailor a program to address your specific needs. 

Also available is the opportunity to have me accompany you to a wedding that you are shooting.  I will assist in the coverage, but more importantly observe your day of technique and work-style, offer hands on advice, and provide valuable input during the course of the day without your client being aware of my tutelage.   

Because this mentoring opportunity is custom designed for each photographer, please send an email with your contact info and we’ll set up a time to get together and discuss.

broxtonLearning is about creativity, thinking, shooting with intention, and helping you reach the next level. But most of all we’ll have fun sharing our passion for photography!